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Pensino ora i miei venticinque lettori...

About Me #

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I am Gabriele, originally from Milan, Italy, and my journey into coding is rooted in a Humanities background. I studied at "Liceo Classico" and the University of Milan, focusing on subjects like Philosophy, Physics, and Literature. My interest in technology started with an introduction to Linux, which sparked a passion for software development after completing my Master's in Philosophy.

I began my professional journey with an internship at a consultancy company, where I learned about databases and enterprise applications. However, wanting to focus more on development, I joined a bootcamp, leading to various roles in startups and data visualization agencies. This experience enhanced my skills in frontend development, React, and D3.

Throughout my career, I've constantly sought to grow and adapt, transitioning from full-stack roles to specializing in ClojureScript and functional programming. My path has been unconventional, merging a deep appreciation for Humanities with a passion for technology and coding.